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Welcome to D.U.E.Season Charter School's website and portal into our learning community!

D.U.E. Season Charter School is a K-8 public school of choice that primarily serves students residing in Camden, NJ. We believe the children of Camden are not "at risk" but rather "at potential." We pride ourselves in providing a supportive environment permeated with protective factors that foster learning and character development.

We welcome you to review our program and join us as a parent, student, volunteer or donor in support of our mission.

CEO Corner
Dear D.U.E. Season family,

We are now in the Blossoming Period.  We planted and watered seeds of success in the first two grading periods that were nurtured to become a mature "blossom" by the spring.  The time is here!  This spring's blossoming is very important for our scholars and our school.  We must continue to put our best foot forward for the sake of our students and our school!  Let's ensure that we truly shine through preparation for and performance on the NJ ASK, daily attendance, completing homework, and keeping the lines of communication open between parents, teachers and administrators.  Remember, Parent Involvement = Student Success!  We are here to partner with you in your child's education!  And we are eager to share in a beautiful season of blossoming.
In persistent pursuit of excellence,
Dr. Carpenter